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Panopti-claus: Foucaultian social control for the kiddies

He sees you when you're sleeping;he knows when you're awake.
He knows if you've been bad or good,so be good for goodness sake.

-From the popular children's song,"Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

The tension.Stress.Anxiety!It was the night before Christmas and I couldn't sleep.I knew he was watching.I was about six years old.My bedroom was right next to the living room,where the tree and the presents awaited morning light.I could hear the slightest noise that emitted from the room where our frenetically decorated electric masterpiece awaited its midnight visitor.I was sweating.I knew the rules.He was due to arrive at any moment.I knew that I was supposed to be asleep,and that I was running the risk of forfeiting all of my materialistic goodies if I failed to fall in line.It was hell.I just wanted to find a way to pass out so that I could sleep my way into the glory of Christmas morning.

Of course,the entire scenario was all in my mind;a cruel joke that my parents had played on me in order to control my behavior.It's a little ridiculous,and a little insidious,this widespread cultural phenomenon known as "Santa Claus."It's ridiculous because year in and year out parents around the country tell stories about a white-bearded individual who flies through the air on a magical sleigh,pulled by flying reindeer,no less,delivering free stuff to kids around the world.The most unbelievable part?The magic sleigh?No.The flying reindeer?Nope.It's the fact that this dude does all of this work without any expectation of getting paid.That,especially these days when money seems to rule above all else,is about as incredible as it gets.

But then we get to the insidious part.The whole idea of Santa Claus is twisted,if not a little cruel,because it is used as a form of social control.Kids are taught about the wondrous generosity of the old man who breaks into houses to leave free stuff…but then the carpet is pulled out from under them when they learn the catch.  If you're bad,you don't get anything.  The worst part of this is the fact that this form of social control is directed at our youngest members of society—those innocent,starry-eyed little angels that make up the lower ranks of our social order.  All year,they are subjected to the watchful eye old a jolly old man who sees their every move.  Santa Claus is the epitome of Foucault's panopticon,embodied in a cheap red suit and a long white beard.188bet官网备用网址